Waterproof All Weather Lightweight Glove with Fusion Control™

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Un guante impermeable de perfil bajo, el guante liviano impermeable para todo clima con Fusion Control™ está diseñado para mantenerlo seco y cómodo durante cualquier tipo de clima húmedo. Las ampollas, el entumecimiento y cosas peores pueden convertirse en una experiencia desagradable cuando las manos están frías y mojadas. Los guantes ligeros impermeables para todo clima Sealskinz con Fusion Control™ lo mantendrán abrigado, seco y protegido en cualquier clima húmedo.

Outer Layer – Polyester, nylon and polyurethane blend is lightweight and extra-durable, maximising lifespan of product. Outer is highly breathable, ensuring hands remain ventilated and dry during physical activity.


Palm – Polyurethane palm is grippy and durable. Natural feel with the increased performance of a synthetic polymer.


Mid-Section – Signature Aquasealz™ membrane is 100% waterproof and breathable, keeping hands dry and aerated in wet conditions.


Inner Layer – COOLMAX® lining is soft and insulative. Hands will retain warmth in cold environments.

Ideal for cold and wet weather. Hands will remain warm, aerated, and dry in tough environments. Trusted Aquasealz™ technology combines complete waterproofness with excellent breathability. Fusion Control™ enhances this process, utilising an ‘open mesh’ bonding process designed to accelerate the transfer of moisture out of the glove. A PU suede palm provides unrivalled grip and durability, which, coupled with a non-slip COOLMAX® lining, makes manual tasks easier. Built for outdoor pursuits requiring a high level of dexterity – hiking, mountaineering and fishing in colder temperatures. Premium
gloves designed to assist natural hand movement, handling the wear and tear of
physical tasks.

We believe accessories should last more than a few years. Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Lightweight Gloves with Fusion Control™ are built to last, maintaining all-round performance after long-term use.

  • Outer Lining - Fleece Backed Stretch Lycra®
  • Palm - PU Suede
  • Middle Layer - Aquasealz® waterproof membrane
  • Inner Layer - COOLMAX®

We don’t like complicated things. And when it comes to the care of your kit, we want to make it as simple as possible. These are the type of gloves you can throw in the wash along with the rest of your gear. No need to wash with special detergents.

• Wash at 30ºC/85ºF
• Drip Dry
• Do Not Dry Clean, Iron, or Bleach