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FREE Shipping on orders over €100

Hitting the hills this weekend?

Sealskinz socks and hats are waterproof, breathable, and windproof. Perfect for all your favourite outdoor activities.

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The Editorial

  • How to Pack for Bikepacking - Sealskinz EU
    July 26, 2022

    How to Pack for Bikepacking

    What is Bikepacking? Mix together biking, camping, and straight-up adventure-seeking and you’ve got bikecamping. Not just reserved for road or travel, bikepacking gives you the freedom to concoct any kind of trip you can think of. One thing is for...

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  • What to wear fishing - Sealskinz EU
    July 5, 2022

    What to wear fishing

    Being prepared for your fishing excursion is always a good idea whether you’re a seasoned angler or have barely ever cast a line. And like many outdoor activities, appropriately dressing for fishing often begins with layers. What to wear when...

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  • Misconceptions of Waterproof Socks - Sealskinz EU
    May 3, 2022

    Misconceptions of Waterproof Socks

    Misconception #1: You can’t wash waterproof socks with the rest of your kit Well, we’re happy to say that this misconception is very false. Chuck this sock in with the rest of your kit after a muddy or rainy adventure....

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