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Hiking Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Hikers - Sealskinz EU

Hiking Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Hikers

Whether you’re talking a new hiker or a tried and true hiker, a gift that fuels their passion for the outdoors and allows them to make an excuse to get out on their next hike, is always welcomed.

And, the traditional holidays aren’t the only times to give a gift. The space between is always a welcome time to give a gift with no strings attached just to make someones day brighter.

So come along for the ride where we’ll get into the best gifts for the hiker in your life.

Sealskinz Hiking Gifts

The best gifts for hikers

Gifts can be tricky if you, yourself, don’t share in a love for the activity. So, if you’re at a loss of what to give a hiker, think more general and you won’t miss.

For example, a journal is a great thing to bring along on a hike. Jotting down your route, the sites you saw, and even who you were with, can help you keep track of all the memories made along the way. Any old journal will do, but you can even find waterproof journals (seriously!) that are a fun way to ensure their memories stay in tact no matter what weather they encounter.

Gift cards to hiking stores, sporting good stores, or even a lodging site can go a long way for an avid hiker. They can get some new kit, upgrade their old kit, or even find a spot to go outside of their normal route with a lodging gift card.

Lightweight and packable blankets are always a good gift for the hiker in your life. Not only are they practical, but you can also find something that matches their personality. Blankets are essential for ensuring you’re protected if something were to happen or you run into unexpected cold weather, but they can get dirty and worn out fast. A new blanket is always something that can be put to good use. You can find down blankets and waterproof blankets fairly easily.

Gifts for beginner hikers

Many of the gifts mentioned above are also amazing gifts for beginning hikers. With beginners, you have to expect they don’t have all of the gear they need quite yet. However, they’re probably good with the basics. So, in this case, give the gift of the unexpected yet super useful.

A battery charger or solar charger may not seem like the most fun gift, but it might be something they haven’t thought of quite yet and could definitely come in handy on a hike.

Cooking utensils are always a great gift for the new hiker. Not only are they useful, but they might push the beginner hiker to go out longer and have a greater adventure. Whether it’s a spork or collapsable coffee mug or water bottle, these gifts will definitely come in handy.

Sealskinz Hiking Gifts

Gifts for walkers

Walkers might not need the same amount of kit for their adventures as a hiker would, but there are many thoughtful gifts that can make their walks more enjoyable.

A journal also works for the walker in your life. They might be on a quest to complete a certain amount of walks in a year or have a goal to walk a variety of routes. The journal (don’t forget about that waterproof version!) can be just the thing that will keep them reaching for their goals.

A lightweight backpack or fanny pack is good for a walker. Nothing too cumbersome or big, just enough to keep a snack, sunscreen, personal items, that journal we mentioned, and a few other bits and bobs and they should be all set.

Hiking poles are useful for walkers depending on what type of terrain they tend to be on when they go exploring. Balance, stability, and overall security are just some of the reasons walkers might fare well from a pair of poles. You can even find pairs that fold up for small spaces or if they want to keep them in their pack and only use them at certain times.

Hiking gifts for her

When it comes to choosing a gift for the female hiker in your life, there are so many options.

A foldable sunhat is always a great option. Keeping the sun out of your eyes when on a hike is priceless and one that folds and can be stowed away is even better.

Speaking of hats, a warmer hat with a built in LED light is a great idea for any hiker. Keeping you safe and seen in lower light conditions is always a bonus. Plus, if you’re going on a longer camping trip, it’s very useful at your campsite where an extra light is always welcome.

A pair of lightweight women’s gloves are also a must-have when it comes to any hikers kit. And bonus if they are waterproof women’s gloves as well. Being cold and wet in the outdoors is never fun. Not only can it lead to discomfort, but it can also lead to frostbite and many other not-so-good things. So, for safety and comfort, a good pair of waterproof gloves is always a great gift for the female hiker in your life.

Lightweight jackets, packable clothing, extra socks - these are all great ideas for hiking gifts. Layering is an essential part of how to dress when hiking and having options means you’re ready to go no matter what th weather.

Speaking of socks, waterproof socks are an essential component to any hikers kit. They take the worry out of the occasional rain storm, a stream crossing, muddy puddles, or sandy terrain. They’re basically magical at keeping your feet dry and comfortable and are always a great gift idea.

Hiking gifts for him

Hiking gifts for men are very similar. Clothing that can be layered like a fleece or packable rain jacket are always great ideas.

And, like gifts for female hikers, men also could always benefit from proper hats and beanies to make their hikes more enjoyable. Think about getting a waterproof beanie that keeps you dry and warm.

Another great gift is a waterproof baseball cap. Traditional styling but with a secret superpower of being 100% waterproof, it’s easy to pack, useful at all times, and definitely handy when it comes to a rain shower.

Waterproof socks are obviously another incredible gift choice. Sometimes hikers just assume wet feet is something they’ll have to deal with. This is not the case and a good pair of waterproof socks can really make or break your hike.

All that being said, no matter what gender, what difficulty level, or where they’re hiking, the perfect gift for any hiker is just a click away.

Sealskinz waterproof hats, socks, and gloves offer any hiker the protection they need in addition to the comfort they crave. Our gifts for hikers are always well received and always appreciated during any hike!

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